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The Sims Cheats Freeplay for Your Android

I will tell you how to play the sims cheat freeplay on Android. Here’s how easy really lo, without complication. You action just what brand Android phone, game POOH KLW or game hackers, then application of The Sims Freeplay, and the most important is the supermarket on the application The Sims Freeplay.

sims freeplay cheats

First, I will share how to add money or simoleon in game The Sims. Open the first game application hackers and The Sims Freeplay, then heading to the Supermarket in The Sims Freeplay, you will see the total payout is listed and there is still a $0, you scan it first use game hackers.

You have to buy something so that the total payout is increased, for example you buy sugar, the total payout will be increased to $125, and then scan again with a game of you hackers. Repeat until remaining one address. The address is left you turn into 3365665959, then address, then lock to buy such goods, congratulations! The money you’ve already increased to RP $100,000.

Then I’ll also share how to cheat the LP or rather Lifestyle Points. How is somewhat the same as the above way I have demonstrated. As the above way, open the first game application hackers and The Sims Freeplay, heading to the grocery store on the menu The Sims Freeplay.

You will see the total payout which is still 0 LP, as it used to be here you should scan used to wear game hackers. Then buy the goods total payout could be increased (as above), for example, buy the egg then the total payout will be increased to 2 LP, then scan again using game hackers. Like the last repeat these steps until the remaining one address and then address the change into 3365665959. The key to address this and buy it. And congratulations again! Now the lifestyle you have points turned into 100,000 million LP. His pace is easy right? The above is the same both ways, so not too fussy given many step get unlimited resource sims freeplay cheats


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