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How to Cheat Summoners War Crystal Hack

Summoners war is a very interesting game, this one has lots of advantages especially in graphic design are shown. Summoners war has a very interesting 3D images, which hosts game Come2us has a monster as one of the major components in the game.

The core of the game is to live the adventure with a variety of battle. Don’t worry because in the fight you will get help from monsters that you have, and how to get the monster is can be called in or summon. The monsters in this game has some level of ability that is marked with a star. Where monsters with number of stars which many have great strength. Once you do you will get a fight where stone and Crystal, which can be used to enhance the monster stars you have. In addition to enhancing the way the monsters can be done using Summoners war crystal hack, an application cheat summoners war downloadable for free.

Cheat Summoners War Crystal Hack

For you who want to pursuit the game this game with exciting, especially for those categories include novice, here we give you some tricks to play Summoners War:

1. don’t forget to always finish a daily mission because you will get a rebate of 10 pieces of crystal.
2. to enhance the capabilities of Your monster, can be done by combining monsters with the same name and type. Suppose you want to increase your skill Fairy, then use and combine with other Fairy.
3. in this game there are Devilmon i.e. monster that serves to raise the skill monster.
4. in this game there are also Angelmon i.e. monster that serves to raise the Level of monsters.
5. Do not forget to Invite your friends to the Friends, with send Add Friend Invite 50 friends, you will get a rare monster (fairy Lights) for free.
6. If you reproduce a friend, then you will get a social point which can be used to summoners the monsters are random.

That’s some trick that you can use the sat plays this game summoners war, good luck.

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