Game Review: Monopoly

Game Review: Monopoly

Who doesn’t know monopoly? It is a game that you can be rich without getting any tax. Well, this game is actually a board game which is played in live together with friends. But as the time goes by, many people had their own activities and being busy, they cannot meet to play monopoly. That is why now you can play monopoly in the personal computer or you can call as PC. This monopoly is developed by the game developer because many people are missing this game but they cannot find the right time to play with their friends, it is also hard enough to gather the friend in their busy life. Most of the problem for playing monopoly is the same, rather that you cannot find a good time or you cannot find friends to play with.

Easy To Win Monopoly Game

This monopoly is specially made for those people who are missing to play monopoly and not have their partner to play with. As you install this game in your PC or notebook you will be able to play it because you will go against the computer. So if you are going to play you will choose your own characters, you can also choose how many partners do you want to play with. It can be played for 2 characters, 3 characters or four characters in one game.

And your enemy will be played automatically by the computer as if their turn to play the game.

The rules are the same with the monopoly you are playing with when you are children. In this game, you could feel the feelings of being rich without pay any taxes. And you can even travel around all over the world without moving your butt from the seat you are a seat in. Monopoly is still the best board game ever.

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