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The Failure To Play The Clash Royale

Clash royale is a game derived from the clash of clans, which remains on hold by supercell. The game is still fresh, this proved to be a lot of interest and had enough success with the large number of users this game despite the newly released Google Play a week in Store. And now the clash royale topping the chart shifts the top clash of clans. Clash royale is a game system with battle online and this game is indeed one game player vs player. But despite the fun, still just a lot of friends – who suffered a failure at the clash royale which should be this fun, be it from how to play and minor mistakes which occurred in the game while playing it. There is hell?

play clash royale

One of them was the failure of the players is busy chasing trophy in order to be able to ride the arena or to join clan clash royale are strong and have been steadily losing – arrive, came on. And the blame game, but his theory that has not been met by the new players (pis). In addition, there is a very annoying nih once and make the emotions, that is the time when we were playing and doing battle, which only takes 3 – 4 minutes, arrived – arrive at exciting by server maintenance that go around and can be up to 30 minutes. I think a friend – friend once if the emotion will get it like that, because we need play time is only 3-4 minutes, Snooze arrived – arrive in 30 minutes.

Some failures in the face by new players is experiencing continuous defeat and causing the trophy down drastically. Whereas before have collected with painstaking from victory – a victory in the get time battle. The defeat of the last long this can happen because the friend – friend all too hastily – hurry up arena, but you guys haven’t found the strongest combination of battle deck which can be attact during play. The effect of the decline of the trophy is harassing self-esteem if the time you guys have been in a clan and its effect is the fall in our arena, so the chances of getting the less powerful clash royale cards.

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